crash utility help page:  output

By default, crash command output is piped to "/usr/bin/less -E -X" along
with a prompt line.  This behavior can be turned off in two ways:

  1. During runtime, enter "set scroll off" or the alias "sf".
  2. Enter "set scroll off" in a .crashrc file, which can be located either
     in the current directory or in your home directory.

To restore the scrolling behavior during runtime, enter "set scroll on"
or the alias: "sn"

Command output may be piped to an external command using standard command
line pipe syntax.  For example:

  crash> log | grep eth0

Command output may be redirected to a file using standard command line syntax.
For example:

  crash> foreach bt > bt.all

Use double brackets to append the output to a pre-existing file:

  crash> ps >>

The default output radix for gdb output and certain crash commands is
hexadecimal.  This can be changed to decimal by entering "set radix 10"
or the alias "dec".  It can be reverted back to hexadecimal by entering
"set radix 16" or the alias "hex".

To execute an external shell command, precede the command with an "!".
To escape to a shell, enter "!" alone.